Twitter Management

Twitter is the number one way that people in eSports (and gaming in general) communicate.  There isn’t any doubt in this, for some stupid reason everyone just decided twitter was the way and have never looked back.  So if you want to be a part of the conversation, and you do, then you’ll want to start as soon as you can in setting up a profile, friending everyone and brush up on your memes.

This could be you!

If you want to tweet like a pro, there are several tools you can use to do powerful things like find out when your followers use twitter, automatically sharing blog posts or articles, or posting prewritten messages at later times.  My favorite right now is HootSuite, which allows you to write messages ahead of time and set when you’d like them to be posted.  I can couple this with WordPress’s ability to schedule when my blog posts get posted and suddenly I can manage ahead of time when I want to share my stuff.

Me on Twitter

Another useful tool on twitter, especially for those of us who are a little more popular, is the ability to send automatic direct messages to new followers.  So far the service that I like best for this is CrowdFire, it can DM new follows for free, but it does add a little ad for itself to your message unless you pay.  CrowdFire also can manage all of your social media apps and looks very slick.  If I had a gripe with it, it’s that CrowdFire is so easy to use that it’s kinda scary,  kinda like an iPhone it’s smoothed out the interface so much that you don’t have options or customization.  It’s not clear sometimes what it’s doing and hopefully its not messing up my twitter right now as I type. (Later edit: It worked! Awesome)

Lastly, the site allows you to subscribe to blogs and twitter users to post their content to twitter or other social media apps.  I just set it up to share some of my favorite blogs to my twitter and help them out a little. Just like the other sites, you can create an account for free and use some of it’s services but it becomes more powerful if you pay.  Surprising easy to setup and use, check it out!

Why Blog Why

Why you doing this?!!?  What would compel someone to spend time out of their busy lives to write a blog that three people will read or make a video or tweet with no followers or anything else that people do?  I don’t really feel like this is the time to get into the existential question of why humans do anything (maybe later), but I think there are many good reasons that someone would want to create something, to make a product to share with others and I’ll share with you some of mine.

So meta

Learning is fun and structure can help

I’m the kind of person who just loves to gather data on all the things that I love.  I’ve watched SO MANY videos of high level tournament play of Brawl, Smash 4, Melee, Hearthstone, DotA, Street Fighter, World of Warcraft, and a bunch of games I haven’t even played, it’s probably the one activity I’ve done more than anything else for the last six years. I just love to know why people make the decisions they do, what options are good and which are bad, and what it takes to be great.  While that’s all well and good, just consuming media and knowledge like that doesn’t lend itself to a whole lot of growth.

The act of creating something with the knowledge that I’ve been absorbing over all of that time will allow me to refine that knowledge and digest it in a healthier way.  The way I see it is when you have ideas but keep them in your head it’s easy to not take a critical eye to them.  The act of saying your thoughts out loud and to another person can really help you see your ideas in a different light and refine them into something more coherent and valuable.

Your creation allows others to understand your passion and value it as well

Humans love things they can touch, it’s why you bought that show on DVD instead of just downloading it or watching again on Netflix.  We like holding things in out hands and having tangible proof of what we own, our skill, our achievements.  That’s why I love seeing tournaments give out trophies or medals, I really want one!  I want to show it to people and say, “I won that by being amazing at something!”.

Yeah that’s a car not a trophy, but they aren’t that different if you think about it

When you make a video, an essay, gain a follower or construct a wooden table, you gain the ability to show someone your passion for whatever it is that you love.  There is a distinct difference between telling someone, “I love making tables” and “I made this table, it’s a hobby of mine”.  Actions are always more believable than words, they just have more weight.  This is especially true when it comes to becoming employed.  The people who can use their skills and knowledge as a job in eSports are usually incredibly skilled players who have demonstrated their skill time and time again, players who have attractive personalities and command people’s attention, or people who have other demonstrable skills that would be valuable to a company (like tournament organization, management, networking, etc).  If you want to show your skill, have something tangible to show!

Creating is fun!

It’s just a lot of fun to make things, way more fun than you think when you start out. Actually sitting down to make something can be a chore, but you feel so good once you’ve made it!  I wish I could SHOW you this, but for now you’ll just have to take my word for it.  If you are low on ideas of what you can create, I’ll be delving into that later so stay tuned.