Count discovers internet gambling

As you may be aware, I’m currently living in Melbourne for the foreseeable future, a place distinctly different from the USA.  Now I could be checking out kangaroos and dingoes, but why do that when there are other more financially disastrous options.  The state of Victoria allows sports betting of all types and I thought that since I already watch a ton of competitive Hearthstone among other games, it might be a bit spicier if all of my money were on the line.

Now imagine this is is a children’s card game

There are a few options for online betting but I decided to go with Loot.Bet since they are running a nightly tournament featuring a bunch of pros.  They have constantly updating odds and you can bet on the outcomes of each game even during the game itself. It seems pretty exploitable if you had good knowledge of how certain decks matchup against each other or how certain pros will fare.  I’ve decided to put $100 into the system and see what I can do with it, and I’ll let you know how I do.

Also, if you are wondering if you can try it, their FAQ let’s you know what countries can legally participate. And conveniently right below that they mention how you can bet anonymously, how subtle. It’s still illegal though if you reside in those countries so don’t do it.

Right next to each other in the FAQ, heh

I wouldn’t recommend trying it out yourself yet though, at least wait until I bet a few times and try to get my money back out of the system. That last part is pretty important, hopefully I wasn’t totally scammed. The customer service is a bit iffy though, I’ll keep trying and see how it goes.

Stay tuned next week for part two of our three part series.

Part 2- “Count is a gambling god”

Part 3 – “Donate so Count doesn’t get his legs broken by the Russian mafia”.

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